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NailFile Tropical Paradise Competition

To coincide with the onset of Spring/Summer, we have created the Tropical Paradise theme. Nail techs should transport themselves into the hot, sunny and colourful world of the tropics, with its lush vegetation, exotic bird life and palm tree-lined white beaches, flanked by an aqua-blue ocean that is inhabited by all manner of decorative fish in a multitude of hues.

The NailFile Tropical Paradise Photographic Nail Design Challenge is sponsored by Nail Couture. The deadline for entries is 20 November 2020

Rules & Regulations

For any tips or advice please contact or What’sApp Sonette on 076 585 4191.

• Designs must be created according to the theme – Tropical Paradise.

• Rhinestones and embellishments may be used but must not dominate the design work.

• Nail stylists have complete artistic freedom to create their designs in any style or combination of techniques, using flat, embossed, encapsulated 2D or 3D design work.

• Designs can be created on tips and presented as a Tip Box display or attached to some form of background to display the work.

• Photographs must be of a high quality and clarity to be able to see and judge the work that has been created.

• Nails must be properly and neatly shaped, with the same shape and length consistent throughout. Any length and shape may be achieved to suit the design work and theme.

• A combination of products and nail systems may be used, as long as it pertains to and complements the theme and look being achieved.

• All 10 nails must have a design and creation on them, each design on each nail must be different but must complement one another, be consistent in design and flow throughout all 10 nails.

• Judges will be looking at and judging on the following criteria: Theme following throughout the design on all 10 nails; Originality and own interpretation of theme; Consistency and continuity of design throughout; Neatness & Presentation; Design and technical quality and use of nail products.

Presentation & Step by Step

• Please provide a step by step of your work, which must include:

An explanation of your interpretation and inspiration of the given theme behind your designs. Photos of your steps for each nail and how you achieved the design. Presentation should be themed according to the given set theme and can be presented as a word document, PDF or Power Point.

• Designs must be the nail stylist’s own original work and not copied.

• Photos must be emailed to and clearly indicated and labeled with the name of the Nail Technician whose work it is.

• Please make sure you submit good quality photos to be able to judge your work properly.

• Please make sure you email your full details, salon name and contact details along with your photograph.

• Winners and placements will be announced on social media.

• Please note that a panel of four judges will conduct the adjudication. The judges’ decision is final.