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Makeup Feature: Sinqobile “Sin” Tusani

Sinqobile Tusani also known as Sin is a full-time makeup artist, stylist and social media influencer who is originally from the Eastern Cape. She took her love and passion for makeup to another level by producing content on all things beauty and lifestyle related & she also works with numerous well-renowned brands.

So we had a chat with her to find out more about her favorite makeup moments and the challenges makeup artists and content creators are facing during this difficult time! 

What was your biggest challenge when you started the journey of building your client base as a makeup artist?

Being based in a small town at the time.

What is your favourite celebrity makeup look and why?

J-Lo’s, she just perfects the flawless, dewy looking skin and knows how to put together a makeup look for every event. She gets it!

What is your favourite feature to focus on when putting together a look?

My eyes and hair

Where do you source your makeup inspiration from?

Mostly online and Pop Culture channels.

What do you consider your strength when it comes to the application of makeup?

My strength has to be applying foundation flawlessly to give it a natural finish and doing my eyebrows.

Who or what inspired you to become a makeup artist?

My artistic and creative flair.

What was the first makeup item you owned?


Who is your favorite celebrity makeup artist and why?

Pat McGrath, her vision is beyond the concept of just playing with makeup, she incorporates style and personality in everything she touches.

If you had the opportunity to do anybody’s makeup in this world, who would it be?

J-lo, Jennifer Lopez

Instagram brow or fluffy soap brow?

Fluffy soap brow

What is your favorite makeup brand?

Uhmm, this is hard *crying* Mac & Dior

What is the most used item in your makeup kit?

Brow gel

What is your all-time favourite look you have ever done?

A look I created for the desert while I was on holiday where I wore a turquoise eyeliner on my lower lash-line.

How has marketing your business changed during quarantine?

Beginning of lockdown me entire outlook with regards to my career took a slight shift, mainly because of changes in my personal life. So I dedicated this time to pampering myself and taking a break from anything that requires my full energy.

Are there any plans for your own makeup line in the future?

Yes, Yes, Yes.