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Content Creation With Julitha Kabete

The Tanzanian beauty’s entire Instagram is a whole mood, and shows off her all her amazing fashion choices. She clearly has a passion for fashion and her Instagram page is a highlight reel that shows off all of the amazing outfits she’s worn. She was selected to represent Tanzania at Miss World 2017.

What profession did you want to go into when you were growing up?

I always wanted to be a businesswoman from a young age, but I struggled to categorize the field of profession exactly from high school. But when People and parents used to question me… I knew I wanted to be some sort of an entrepreneur. 

What is it about your personal brand that you don’t compromise on at all?

Quality, it’s important my brand stands out with quality content . I can never compromise that. It’s vital that the quality of content represents who I am personally as a brand. I like things that are quality so I must represent quality over just working to be paid. It must be worth the money the customer will invest in the products I advertise. They must see the quality through my pictures. Pictures are powerful and so is creativity of it that I put work on. 

How do you choose the brands and fellow creatives you align with?

I am very meticulous therefore I tend to align with brands that are similar. Brands that know their customers and willing to provide the best. I don’t like complaints of customers receiving different products than of mine. I appreciate to work with brands that value quality and pay attention to details of their products. I have a specific signature style as well so I’ve played around with some brands to try out here and there but I have found my niche in classy outfits. They make me comfortable and feel myself so it’s easy to sell a product when you accept it yourself. Same applies with creatives.

How do you see the African influencer landscape evolving within the next 5 years?

African influencer industry is already expanding . I can’t imagine the next five years honestly, more than tremendous growth and more things to discover because it’s another decade and there’s creatives coming up each day with new ways to advertise and showcase their work. 

How would you describe your style?

I always say my style is simple. But some say extra … so the right words to describe will be sometimes simple, 24/7 keep it classy and half times it’s extra! 

What does the creative process of each themed photoset you post entail?

It depends what brand I’m shooting for but the everyday-wear brands it can be as simple as I wake up and decide if I’m going for a brunch or something and I would take my outfit the day picture. My photographer will be notified a day before or sometimes few hours before and he /she would come to take the outfit pictures. The pictures usually have a deadline post day according to the plans I have with the different brands. But some days I have a lot of packages and would have delayed them for days because of other things that would take up space in my life and so I would plan to shoot more than 5 outfits a day in different locations and post it on different days. Those days make me feel like I’m doing a full time job, because I like to have all my images to have their own creativity. 

The secret of your personal glow and how you stay in shape?

There’s no secret to the glow, I think glowing exudes when one takes care of themselves each day. I started drinking a lot more water than I used to and taking care of my skin (I use sunscreen and bronze sunless lotion on my skin on sunny days and vitamin C serum). I also go for facials once or twice a month but I don’t exercise as much as I should, it’s not my thing I have tried before. I do Yoga once in a while and I wear a waist trainer when I am sitting around at home and I eat what I want but in small quantities, unless I am having terrible cravings that day.

What are (3) wardrobe pieces you cannot live without?

My robe, the midi bodycon dresses and jumpsuits

What advice would you give to aspiring influencers to about ensure that they don’t get taken advantage of by brands?

I can give advise to mostly the aspiring fashion creatives/influencers. The most important thing is to discover your style and knowing your market. Understanding your worth in that market is what follows, what you know you can contribute into and effort, then any brand that approaches you can never take advantage of you, you won’t let it happen as you know the work you have invested in building that bubble of uniqueness.

Do you have plans to create your own makeup line, haircare line or fashion line?

In few months or year, and in God’s will, I do plan to execute my own brand in fashion. I won’t go into details now because I have other plans to fulfill before this. 

What is next for Julitha Kabete?

Apart from continuing with growing my creativity in fashion. I have just graduated a few months ago in strategic brand communication but I’m learning other new things such as investments in different industries to keep my mind sharp, investments such as real estate. Also I’m planning to do more humanitarian work because I am interested in investing in children, especially those who have no access to basic needs, I feel that’s one of the purposes and things I have to fulfill. It will provide me absolute joy in my heart to see a child have access to food and education without any trouble. 

Lastly, which social media platforms can we follow you on?

Instagram – @julitha.kabete