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Content Creation With Jessica Van Heerden

Jessica Van Heerden is an award winning content creator who focuses on Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle. She is a former marketing student who is well known for her amazing YouTube content and consistency as she promises at least three videos a week to her 48 000+ subscribers. We decided to catch up with this content queen so we can find out what really helps fuel the creative fire in her!

How do you draw the line between posting what you love and making money with your sponsored posts?

I’ve been quite lucky when it comes to working with brands that I already love, but if I don’t really like the brand or product I just respectfully decline.

Please tell us about a time when you really impacted someone’s life with your social media content. What was the result?

I always focus on being real and relatable especially on my YouTube channel, so I think that one moment that stood out above the rest is definitely when I opened up about my mom passing away recently, it made me connect with my followers on a whole new level!

Are there any social platforms you refuse to participate in? And why?

I don’t have any I refuse to participate in but my favorites are Instagram and YouTube.

What’s your biggest don’t when it comes to social media?

Social media can be such an amazing platform for so many things, but it can be very discouraging when you compare yourself to others so that’s one thing I try and avoid doing. Mostly, I just try being myself really.

How do you keep it exciting for you? How do you always know how or when to evolve?

I always get excited because I love doing what I do, and I always work on my growth whether its improving my quality with new equipment or just being a better person so it inspires others to do the same.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Oh my gosh, I will be 37. No, please I don’t even want to think about it hehe but probably living in my dream house, managing multiple businesses and running after our babies.

Which other social media influencers would you like to collaborate with?

So many, I’m scared to even mention a few because I don’t want to leave anyone out but I’ve had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with a few creators and I always get so excited when I get to collaborate with other influencers.

What is the best thing about being a social media influencer?

Apart from doing what I love, I personally just love having my own time and schedule. It’s something that really helps fuel the creative fire.

What is the best collaboration that you have done with a brand?

It’s really difficult to single one out but it definitely has to be my recent partnership with Momentum in giving away a one on one mentorship in personal branding to one of my followers, there’s just something about this campaign that gave so much meaning to my career as an influencer and content creator.

What advice do you have to people who are trying to gain a following on social media?

Be yourself, make do with what you have and never step on anyone else to get where you want to be.

What do you think sets you apart from other social media influencers?

I definitely put a lot of thought, time and effort into my content, not that other influencers don’t, I just feel like I take it really seriously and genuinely have a passion to make content creation a piece of art and hopefully that shines through.

Which platform, besides Instagram, do you think will be big in the influencer marketing space in the year 2021?

TikTok, lockdown got us all addicted!

How could brands or agencies make your work easier?

Definitely to allow for more creative freedom, some brands are very stiff when it comes to campaigns and I personally feel more excited to be part of a campaign where influencers are given the freedom to create and express the promotion or use of the product in their own way. It also comes across as more authentic.

You have an exceptionally unique look, Jessica. Where does your style savvy come from, and where do you get your inspiration?

Thank you, like most people I get inspiration when I browse on socials and then I just add my own touch to it. I love being comfortable yet feminine and a little edgy at the same time (not too much though)

Who is your primary audience?

Women, who want to be the best version of themselves and look cute while doing it.