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Chef Yohanis

Chef Yohanis Hailemariam was raised in Ethiopia and later travelled to California, the USA, and Lyon, France to purchase a carrier on cooking. 

Chef Yohanis was since his childhood fascinated with traditional ceremonies, especially the planning and preparation of the Ethiopian meals during the celebrations. Learning mainly from his mother, who was very fond of her cuisine, soon the young man departed on a promising culinary journey. At that time he had the chance to work at a high range in Paris and the US. Several years later, after returning to his hometown Addis Ababa, he started different projects, including working as the head chef of local restaurant “Antica” and hosting a popular TV show on the EBS network.


Yohanis main passion is finding new ways to use traditional Ethiopian ingredients and he is changing the game. He genuinely believes that it is finally time for the health benefits of the local food to be made globally available in gastronomy.

While he is successfully promoting a healthy lifestyle brand, he even launched a line of spice products and has been featured on several international media, such as CNN and BBC World

On his cooking style: 

When I mix flavours I pay attention to all levels: texture, colour, taste, smell and presentation. My professional inspiration comes from Chef Bocuse and my creative inspiration come from my travels to remote places in Africa and my Ethiopian palate.

On Ethiopia’s eating culture: 

“One effect of globalisation is that we are moving away from our culinary roots. This is a challenge for the eating culture, but it also presents an opportunity to showcase our cuisine to the world.”


On standing out: 

“I strive for professionalism in my craft, because people will always respect a person who is serious and professional about his work, irrespective of the field.”

On the future of Ethiopian cuisine: 

“In 10 years, with the right packaging and presentation, I think our cuisine can trend globally in every corner of the world.”

Favorite food: 

“I do not have a favourite meal, it all depends on my mood; but I love preparing seafood and appreciate the delicacy required to handle it.”

Something Ethiopian everyone should try: 

“Doro Wot is very representative of Ethiopia, it is a very tasty stew.”

Would like to meet: 

“It would have to be Jamie Oliver, because I value his sensitivity to healthy eating.”

Dream African food destination: 

“I would go to Senegal for some authentic Thiebou Jen.”

By Africa Futura