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All Things Fitness: Tino Chinyani

Tino Chinyani is a Zimbabwean model and television presenter best known for co-hosting the breakfast show The Morning Show.

Tino studied Marketing & management at Monash University. He was voted Gauteng D2 league MVP. Mr Monash 2014 & voted 3rd most influential student 2015. After being signed to Boss models I’m 2015 he has featured in campaigns for Polo, Axe, Garnier, McDonald’s, Edgar’s to name a few. Tino has walked the ramp for designers such as Maxhosa, David Tlale, Sheria Ngowi, Tokyo James, Rich Mnisi and made appearances at Menshealth shows as well as the Sun City Royal Escape.

The model and presenter shares his workout tips for getting summer ready.

What inspired you to pursue modelling?

Funny enough, modeling was never apart of my initial plans, I always wanted to play professional sports but a photographer friend of mine suggested I try it out because I had a the right look and height for it and the rest is history.

What are some of the challenges you face as a young African man in the 21st century in the entertainment industry?

More than anything not losing sight of myself. There’s so much temptation, fake friends & people who want you to be who they want you to be. I’ve had to constantly remind myself why I started & remain true to my vision regardless of the people I’ve lost along the way. I never wanted the easy route & I see how others have benefited from it. I’d rather get down than lay down & have my peace intact. 

What has been your biggest achievement so far?

Definitely being a father, my career has had many colorful moments but more than anything my son gave me purpose. I want him to look back at all I’ve done & set the bar higher. 

Were there any obstacles that you faced when joining the entertainment industry in South Africa and how did you overcome them?

Definitely being looked down upon because I was a foreigner. Language barrier & having to constantly prove that I wasn’t just good looking but intelligent too,  a lot of corporate politics to name a few challenges. More than anything I understand my destiny is far beyond my wildest comprehension so I take pride in the fact that all the obstacles I face now are just making me more agile and preparing me for greater heights & even better destinations. My journey has only just begun. 

How do you balance your busy schedule, i.e. being an actor, model and a TV presenter?

Structure, I find it key to my life, I plan my life to the hour, so I make sure I maximize the value of my efforts. Also knowing when to turn down offers, jobs & roles is key to maintaining balance not only for my personal life but also to maintain a clear and distinct brand. 

What is it about your look that makes you so marketable do you think?

To be honest beyond my warm smile, once people get to know me, it’s my energy they fall in love with. Looks come and go but my heart is pure and my vision is clear. I articulate myself when & always present myself well. More than anything it’s a combination of factors that make me A LOT. 

How would you describe your diet?

To be completely honest I eat pretty much what ever I want. I just workout often so it balances out. I try to avoid fatty ,deep fried, processed foods as much as possible. Hardly drink fizzy drinks either. 

What qualities do you have, that you believe have helped you to reach your goals?

My faith has always led me towards greener pastures. My strong will has made me impossible to shake. My family has taught me love & to them I’m forever grateful. Over and above everything my blind belief that the best days are ahead of me keep me working towards my slice of paradise. 

Can you give us five tips that you use to stay on top of your game when it comes to fitness?

•Be consistent

•Set new goals once you achieve old ones •Maintain a balanced diet

•Workout a minimum of 3 times a week

•Drink a lot of water

What is next for Tino Chinyani?

I pray you enjoy my music as much as I do. I wanted to share my soul & journey in a way that would relate to a global market. Im starting my own lifestyle line inspired by making luxury & comfort synonymous. To close of expect to see me on Global scale & platform coming to a screen near you