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All Things Fitness: Grace Motswana

Grace Motswana is radio personality and fitpreneur who started her fitness journey in 2017 and she has never looked back. Grace has been associated with some of the biggest brands such as Huawei for a fitness watch campaign. We decided to have a little chat with her so we could get to know more about her and hear what her views on fitness are.

Your brand and lifestyle has grown and inspired many in the fitness industry. Describe your first years experience in the fitness industry and any difficulties that you may have experienced?

I started training at the end of the year 2017 it’s been 3 years now but when I started I honestly did not know what I’m doing for about a good year. I was on and off especially because this gym thing was new to me. Fast forward to the second year into it, it now slowly became a hobby that I fell in love with and I then met people in this industry who slowly showed me how to turn my hobby into a lifestyle and a career. Truth is it was not easy, it gets better with time. I’m still on my journey and I’m loving every minute of it.

What is your main training philosophy?

My training philosophy is “If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not you will find an excuse.”

How do you keep clients motivated and engaged?

I have whatsapp groups with my client where I share motivational videos almost every morning, everyone in the group is also allowed to share what they can. I also share motivational quotes, you never know who’s day you could be making, I share my challenges as well I mean I’m also human and funny enough my clients also motivate me.

What is your vision for (yourself) fitpreneurship in 5-10 years?

My vision in 5-10 years from now is to definitely see my business grow to a point where it actually controls itself. In short I would just like to say I have a lot planned that’s on the way I can’t wait to share everything with everyone, but mostly I would like to grow and become the best version of myself.

How important is nutrition when wanting to achieve your dream body?

I love this question because it reminds people that there is no short cut this is a 50/50 thing, training and nutrition go hand in hand.

• Eating right allows us to reduce body fat, to lose a few pounds, to feel confident and reduce our risk of any illness.

• Nutrition has a huge impact on our fitness whether we like it or not so if you think you’re going to achieve your dream body without good nutrition, I’m sorry to say this but you are dreaming.

Is it advisable to work out under stress?

Definitely highly advisable, exercise is considered vital for maintaining mental fitness and it reduces stress. Exercise and other physical activities reduce endorphins chemicals in the brain that act as natural painkillers and also improves our ability to sleep which reduces stress.

What is the most common fitness myth have you heard of?

The most common fitness myth I’ve always heard of which I really hate is that “I’ll burn more fat on an empty stomach”.

People need to realise that starving yourself won’t get you any closer to your body goal.

Leg day or Arm day?

Leg day any day for me.

What are your biggest obstacles when it comes to succeeding?

My biggest obstacle when it comes to succeeding has to be time management and distractions such as family and friends. These are the things that I now work on, on a daily basis and I personally feel that I’m getting better at managing them.

“I have been working out for a while now and stopped losing weight. What is happening?” one of the most asked fitness questions, what is your take on this?

I agree with you that this is a common question and I always like to say that this is the point where you need to stop and go back to check if the eating plan you’re following is correct or if your training program is the right one for your body type and one last thing is that don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you didn’t go into fitpreneurship, what was your second option, or was there even a second option for you?

If I did not go into fitpreneurship I would’ve possibly ended up completing my business accounting diploma and I probably would have been so unhappy in that field. Initially I wouldn’t have it any other way I’m very happy where I am.

What is the best time to exercise, in your opinion?

The best time to exercise for me is in the mornings simply because there’s fewer distractions, I feel energized throughout the day and I’m always in a better mood.

Your top 3 favorite fitness influencers?

• Brittney babe – she is the queen of home workouts

• Mapule Ndlovu – I love her energy and commitment

• Dolly Castro – she simply makes fitness look so fun and sexy