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10 Minutes With: Elsa Majimbo

We got to have a 10 minute catch up with Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo who just bagged her first deal with Mac Cosmetics, she also sent us an exclusive hilarious eyelash tutorial!
Elsa Majimbo started getting noticed after one of her skits went viral on social media and since then she has received a lot of praises from her fans as well as celebrities such as award-winning actress, Lupita Nyong’o!

What inspires your content?

Most of my content comes in the spur of the moment. Current events, what’s trending, those small things always help me create content

What are you currently studying?

I am currently studying, Journalism. Not sure if I’ll stay in school much longer considering I’m now a superstar, haha!

Who is your celebrity crush?

Rihanna! Riri is everyone’s celebrity crush. That is not a debate

Weirdest dm you have ever received?

Asking for pictures of my feet. That was quite disturbing.

What is next for Elsa Majimbo the brand?

I’m see myself doing big things in the future. I don’t like having specific goals because they can limit you and I want things beyond my imagination. I want to go above and beyond. In comedy, acting and being rich, haha.

1. I really hate school but I’m smart
2. I spend an insane amount of time on Netflix
3. I spend a lot of time on my bed
4. I feel very awkward around new people
5. I want to be taller

Watch an exclusive eyelash tutorial video by Elsa by clicking on the link below: